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Governor Jerry Brown D-CA screwed up on a contract with Tesla to open a factory in The Golden State, which would have employed 6500 workers – Nevada got the deal. Rev Austin Miles, Posted Sept 5, 2014

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The Affordable Care Act -In the Rear View Mirrow


Affordable Care Act (Belle)
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 has broad implications. However, the fundamental premise is that this expansive health care coverage is based on the assumption that some 43 million uninsured Americans will be covered with health insurance. In order to meet this lofty goal, the federal government created state health exchanges. As a result of creating these state health exchanges, the Feds are hoping to ensure that its goal is achieved. The underlining policy objective is that the state exchanges will somehow evolve into a sustainable insured health insurance market. The one way that this policy objective could possible be met is to create competition among health care insurers, resulting in a decrease in costs of health premiums and subsequent reduction in overall healthcare costs.

From a efficiency perspective, a central question is whether the exchanges will attract enough good risks to avoid an adverse…

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